thecause (thecause) wrote in macdvd,

Mac DVD it.

<-I updated the icon from its greasy torn apart state.. into something more respectable. Not ideal, but good 'nuff.

The community membership is small right not, but I know there is a need for this community as any macintosh user can attest to finding support for Macintosh DVD.

Please post what you want to know and already know about Macintosh DVD. Please post when you started using it and post any bugs, irritations, rants that you have encountered. When done with that feel free to post a bit of good about it too.

On me.

I just barely got an external DVD player and have been tweaking cd multimedia on the mac since 96'. I honestly don't know much on Macintosh DVD, but can generally find the information to get by on what I do know. I created this community to learn more and maybe share a small amount of what I have learned with all of you.

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