MaryBeth (rhiannon383) wrote in macdvd,

SnapzPro problems

Hey everyone, I hope someone can help me out here...

I downloaded a trial of SnapzProX2 to take screencaps of DVDs last night. I was playing around with it, and I couldn't get it to take clear pictures. I looked through the manual and tried all of the different cap options, and every time I took a pic there were small black dots all over the picture. I'm running Tiger and the program claims to have fixed bugs associated with Tiger.

I wanted to post a pic here as an example, but this morning the caps I saved are all black. I'm so confused! If anyone can help me I'd appreciate it...I want to take caps of the movie Hocus Pocus really soon so I can make icons before Halloween! (I know, so important!)

So if anyone can give me pointers on SnapzPro or point me in the direction of another Mac-friendly capping program, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!
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