Andrea (dystopiac) wrote in macdvd,

Hi all...

I have a question about region coding.

I have a 12" Powerbook 867, and I will be moving to England with it in a month. I have been trying to figure out some way that I can make my computer region-free, so that I can both bring some of my American dvd collection with me and rent DVDs in the UK. However, I have not been able to find any alternative. I have downloaded and tried the VLC player, but apparently it can't get around the programming on my DVD drive, because it plays Region 1 DVDs normally, but will just give me a black screen if I insert a Region 2. I questioned the Mac specialists at the Macworld Convention in Boston, when it came a month ago, but they were unable to help. Other than altering my firmware, which I've heard can sometimes go wrong and lead to negative consequences, is there any way I can make my computer able to freely play both Region 1 and Region 2 DVDs? I know I am allowed to switch back and forth (5 times I think) but that's not terribly helpful for what I want to do. If need be, I am willing to pay (a reasonable price) for a software that will allow me to do both, or a software that will allow me to play region 2 while i can still play region 1 on the Apple software.

Any advice you could provide me with would be greatly appreciated.
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