Erin Haleen (fonzi9864) wrote in macdvd,
Erin Haleen

Authoring Choices

I have allways been in to macintosh and i loved using iDVD on the eMacs at my University so when i recently upgraded my powermac 9500 to a G3 iBook 900 I quickly decided to buy a DVD burner so i could use iDVD 5 with it. To my dismay the system requirements for iDVD 5 exceed my iBook's. What are my options as far as building a DVD with menus. I have the latest version of toast but you have to use there theme. I was to build my own! That is half the fun! I have done some research on the web and on these boards and I have used sizzle. The price is good but it is not very user frendly, or perhaps im an idiot. dont like sizzle. i also know about DVD Studio Pro but i fear that if i cant run iDVD there is not chance that i can run a "pro" tool. Also I hear it has a big learning curve. i also have heard about some program "captyDVD" cant find much info on it. Anyways let me know what my options are.
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