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11th June 2006

thecause8:27pm: Visual Hub to convert files to burn to DvD.
* Fast conversion from nearly every video format to iPod, PSP, DV, DVD, AVI, MP4, WMV, MPEG and Flash.
* Convert any file in three steps. Click, drag, click.
* Fit up to 18 hours of video on one DVD. Play it in any standalone DVD player.
* Xgrid support. Use the power of every Mac on your network for batch encoding.
* QuickTime Pro or special plugins not required.
* DivX/XviD AVIs, all forms of MPEG video, and many other formats QuickTime struggles with are supported.
* Batch Processing of multiple files. Save in-place, or to a different folder.
* Very comprehensive Advanced panel to modify every aspect of encoding.
* Dynamic Preview - See results before beginning a long encode.
* Stitch multiple files together to combine videos.
* Highly detailed, informative Users Guide.
* Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel Macs.


I haven't tried it yet, but it looks quite promising.


11th January 2006

thecause1:23pm: DVD Player VCD,SVCD,CD-R/W,DVD±R/W Compatibility list
Find out if your DVD Player will play VCD,SVCD,CD-R/W,DVD±R/W...

- http://www.videohelp.com/dvdplayers.php

What is the difference between DVD-R/W, DVD+R/W?

- http://www.videohelp.com/dvd.htm

More DVD Questions?

- http://www.dvddemystified.com/dvdfaq.html#4.3

Macintosh Specific:

- http://www.kentidwell.com/idvd4/DVD_4_begin.html


16th December 2005

thecause2:18pm: The battle is not over...
VideoLAN might disappear due to new French/European legislation.

During the night of 22nd to 23rd December 2005, while everybody is preparing for Christmas, the French Parliament will rule about the "DADVSI" law. This vote will be made with minimal discussion, as an "emergency" has been declared on this law.

This law is the French transcription of the european EUCD (European Union Copyright Directive) text, which itself comes from the american DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act).
The main goal of this law is to restrict the rights of digital content purchasers. It most notably forbids them from working around technical content protection measures.
Doing so, writing or publishing software allowing to do so, or even merely talking about ways to do so becomes an offence that can be punished with three years in jail.

VideoLAN is directly impacted, most notably for its DVD reading capability (all Linux DVD reading software has the same problem). Should this law be passed, this would seriously hinder VLC's development.

The french website eucd.info collects a large number of related articles and documentation, and has a dedicated english-speaking section.


VLC (initially VideoLAN Client) is a highly portable multimedia player for various audio and video formats (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, mp3, ogg, ...) as well as DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols. It can also be used as a server to stream in unicast or multicast in IPv4 or IPv6 on a high-bandwidth network.
Works for the following operating systems:
*Windows *Mac OS X *BeOS *Linux *Debian *GNU/Linux *Mandrake Linux *Fedora Core
*Familiar Linux *YOPYYOPY/Linupy *Zaurus *SUSE Linux *Red Hat Linux *WinCE / PocketPC

"This player started its life as the cross platform client for the videolan open sourced video streaming server solution. Since those days its matured into the versatile and just about unbreakable player we see today, which will play, just about anything you throw at it. That may sound good, but its actually much better, as its open sourced under the GPL license, and is available for a number of operating systems in addition to OSX, such as Linux, Windoze and BSD. All of my experience with this player has been under OSX plus various flavors of Linux with zero issues, as for the other supported platforms, I have no experience with, so cannot comment on how well, or otherwise things function.

Yes I did say play just about anything you throw at it which is a statement that I do not use lightly, especially when talking about any form of media player, but in this case its well justified, as this player, not only claims to support a large selection of video and audio formats, but actually delivers on those claims, which comes as a pleasant surprise. "
-VLC Media Player Review


21st October 2005

thecause5:46pm: burn baby, burn.
I just got a dvd burner, prior to that I was able to rip DVDs but not burn them. So here is the process in a quick post and go manner on how to burn DVDs with various programs.


http://macupdate.com/info.php/id/10757 - DVDBACKUP
http://macupdate.com/info.php/id/14414 / - MACTHERIPPER


http://www.dvd2one.com / http://macupdate.com/info.php/id/11518 - DVD2ONE

http://www.mrbass.org/mac/dvdburn/#1 -DISK UTILITY
http://www.roxio.com/en/products/toast7/index.jhtml -TOAST

...of course there are many more rippers, compressors and burners... so please go and find them and post them here.


12th October 2005

rhiannon38311:44am: SnapzPro problems
Hey everyone, I hope someone can help me out here...

I downloaded a trial of SnapzProX2 to take screencaps of DVDs last night. I was playing around with it, and I couldn't get it to take clear pictures. I looked through the manual and tried all of the different cap options, and every time I took a pic there were small black dots all over the picture. I'm running Tiger and the program claims to have fixed bugs associated with Tiger.

I wanted to post a pic here as an example, but this morning the caps I saved are all black. I'm so confused! If anyone can help me I'd appreciate it...I want to take caps of the movie Hocus Pocus really soon so I can make icons before Halloween! (I know, so important!)

So if anyone can give me pointers on SnapzPro or point me in the direction of another Mac-friendly capping program, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!

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17th September 2005

thenextcentury7:48pm: iMac ejecting CDs & DVDs
I feel like I've looked EVERYwhere on Apple.com, but I can't find a solution.

I have a three-year-old G4 iMac (the "lampshade" edition) running OS 10.2.8 and DVD player 3.2. A few months ago, my computer stopped playing CDs and DVDs. Generally, when I insert a disc, the computer doesn't do anything for a few mintutes and then it ejects the disk. When I open DVD Player and press Play or Menu, "not allowed" is what comes up.

Why is my computer ejecting CDs & DVDs? Could this be a driver issue?

I've searched for a long time for drivers on Apple.com, but everything I've seen is either for the current OS or much earlier.

Please help! :)
Current Mood: frustrated


10th September 2005

theblackdeer12:14pm: Ok, so my ex sent me two DVDs containing our entire music collection. I have put one in to start putting mp3s into iTunes, but it doesn't appear that my computer is recognizing the DVD. I can hear the drive spinning but it's not showing up on my desktop (or anywhere else that I can find).

How do I get it to recognize the DVD? Or is it just so huge I need to wait for it to get done loading the shit up?

Or am I just retarded?

Forgot to mention, I have the 400MH G3 Powerbook "bronze keyboard" edition laptop.

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5th September 2005

thecause8:53am: Better Than Diva, It's Open Shiiva!
OpenShiiva is a fast and simple, single pass, video and audio, vob to mp4 converter. Some features:

* All yuv pipeline, saves time and quality.
* High quality scaling
* Correctly handles ntsc framerates
* Syncs video to audio, when both are encoded
* Auto-deinterlacing
* Sample rate convertion
* Subtitles decoding
* Completly free
* Open sourced



11th August 2005

dystopiac10:49pm: Hi all...

I have a question about region coding.

I have a 12" Powerbook 867, and I will be moving to England with it in a month. I have been trying to figure out some way that I can make my computer region-free, so that I can both bring some of my American dvd collection with me and rent DVDs in the UK. However, I have not been able to find any alternative. I have downloaded and tried the VLC player, but apparently it can't get around the programming on my DVD drive, because it plays Region 1 DVDs normally, but will just give me a black screen if I insert a Region 2. I questioned the Mac specialists at the Macworld Convention in Boston, when it came a month ago, but they were unable to help. Other than altering my firmware, which I've heard can sometimes go wrong and lead to negative consequences, is there any way I can make my computer able to freely play both Region 1 and Region 2 DVDs? I know I am allowed to switch back and forth (5 times I think) but that's not terribly helpful for what I want to do. If need be, I am willing to pay (a reasonable price) for a software that will allow me to do both, or a software that will allow me to play region 2 while i can still play region 1 on the Apple software.

Any advice you could provide me with would be greatly appreciated.

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30th May 2005

fonzi98644:15pm: Authoring Choices
I have allways been in to macintosh and i loved using iDVD on the eMacs at my University so when i recently upgraded my powermac 9500 to a G3 iBook 900 I quickly decided to buy a DVD burner so i could use iDVD 5 with it. To my dismay the system requirements for iDVD 5 exceed my iBook's. What are my options as far as building a DVD with menus. I have the latest version of toast but you have to use there theme. I was to build my own! That is half the fun! I have done some research on the web and on these boards and I have used sizzle. The price is good but it is not very user frendly, or perhaps im an idiot. dont like sizzle. i also know about DVD Studio Pro but i fear that if i cant run iDVD there is not chance that i can run a "pro" tool. Also I hear it has a big learning curve. i also have heard about some program "captyDVD" cant find much info on it. Anyways let me know what my options are.


24th February 2005

thecause2:08pm: macintosh Programs.
still waiting for DIVA 2.0 to come out... :( it is a way tight, top-notch program minus the inabilitiy to queue files on it. here is what the developer says :

DiVA is a powerful MPEG-1/MPEG-2 video converter for Mac OS X 10.2 or later. It uses QuickTime, MPEG, MOV, SMP, AltiVec, YUV, Cocoa, Quartz, XML and other amazingly great acronyms and buzzwords. It's also fast, high quality, and integrates extremely well with 3ivx D4 4.5, allowing it to perform automated 2-pass encoding with 3ivx. DiVA achieves framerates in excess of 35fps on a Dual 1Ghz G4.

any other cool rip/convert programs that you all use? i also use Mac The Ripper for DVD ripping..


19th January 2005

steverogerson2:17pm: I have a G4 running Mac Os 10.2.8 and DVD Player. I want to do screen grabs from commercial DVDs, but I can't work out how to do it. There seems to be no facility in DVD Player to do this, and even if I pause the playing and try to do the apple+shift+3 screen grab, this seems to be disabled when DVD Player is on. Any advice please?

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15th December 2004

thecause6:53pm: How To Add Subtitles.
Figured out how to do Subtitles. It was mostly a big pain, but the results were good.
After ripping all the files with Mac The Ripper then bringing them into the compressed format with DiVA and adding sound with a52decX, you can add subtitles.

Find the .srt subtitles for your movie with this search engine :

If it is a one part subtitle file you will have to combine all of your compressed movies.

If it is a two part subtitle file you will have to split your movie into two different sections.

Download SubSync to sync the subtitle text with the movie visual/audio.

Now this is the tricky part. You got to sync the first begining subtitle with the movie, then find out where the last subtitle belongs. It is confusing at first but after reading the documentation several times it should work.

Good Luck!


2nd December 2004

thecause4:42pm: the Alternative Player Question.
Has anyone else had difficulty playing dvds with VLC or Mplayer? On VLC they play horribly on my computer, so I often end up ripping them (since I don't have DVD Player for Mac OS X 10.2 and have accidently scratched the installer disks).


thecause4:25pm: Mac DVD it.
<-I updated the icon from its greasy torn apart state.. into something more respectable. Not ideal, but good 'nuff.

The community membership is small right not, but I know there is a need for this community as any macintosh user can attest to finding support for Macintosh DVD.

Please post what you want to know and already know about Macintosh DVD. Please post when you started using it and post any bugs, irritations, rants that you have encountered. When done with that feel free to post a bit of good about it too.

On me.

I just barely got an external DVD player and have been tweaking cd multimedia on the mac since 96'. I honestly don't know much on Macintosh DVD, but can generally find the information to get by on what I do know. I created this community to learn more and maybe share a small amount of what I have learned with all of you.



1st December 2004

thecause4:14pm: Subtitles?
Is there a way to rip Subtitles with macintosh software from a DVD?

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DVD RIPPING GUIDE & TIME CHARTS on a 128 MB 800 MHz PowerPC G3 DVD Ripping Session onto an External Firewire Harddrive.
(All figures have been slightly rounded up.)

GuideCollapse )

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