MaryBeth (rhiannon383) wrote in macdvd,

SnapzPro problems

Hey everyone, I hope someone can help me out here...

I downloaded a trial of SnapzProX2 to take screencaps of DVDs last night. I was playing around with it, and I couldn't get it to take clear pictures. I looked through the manual and tried all of the different cap options, and every time I took a pic there were small black dots all over the picture. I'm running Tiger and the program claims to have fixed bugs associated with Tiger.

I wanted to post a pic here as an example, but this morning the caps I saved are all black. I'm so confused! If anyone can help me I'd appreciate it...I want to take caps of the movie Hocus Pocus really soon so I can make icons before Halloween! (I know, so important!)

So if anyone can give me pointers on SnapzPro or point me in the direction of another Mac-friendly capping program, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks!
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Try using an older version of snapzpro. I've used snapzpro quite a bit and it hasn't given me that kind of problem, I'm also using an older verison. Maybe the black dots are appearing because of the macrovision programming? Not sure, but it's a thought. hope that helps. good luck.
Thanks for the quick reply! I looked around and can't seem to find a trial of an older version...would you happen to know where I could get one? I just don't want to buy it if I'm not sure it will work. Plus I'm broke, ha.

And also...I was playing around with it some more today, and it takes lovely caps of the screen, Safari pages, and even just seems to be the DVD Player that's producing crappy quality caps. And since I can take caps of everything except DVDs without a program... :/