thecause (thecause) wrote in macdvd,

How To Add Subtitles.

Figured out how to do Subtitles. It was mostly a big pain, but the results were good.
After ripping all the files with Mac The Ripper then bringing them into the compressed format with DiVA and adding sound with a52decX, you can add subtitles.

Find the .srt subtitles for your movie with this search engine :

If it is a one part subtitle file you will have to combine all of your compressed movies.

If it is a two part subtitle file you will have to split your movie into two different sections.

Download SubSync to sync the subtitle text with the movie visual/audio.

Now this is the tricky part. You got to sync the first begining subtitle with the movie, then find out where the last subtitle belongs. It is confusing at first but after reading the documentation several times it should work.

Good Luck!
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